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Hunter Commercial Painters can coat virtually any surfaces on your industrial site. Professional paintwork is important to the visual appeal, but more importantly can protect against corrosion, damage and potential safety hazards.
Hunter Commercial Painters specialize in all commercial projects from shopping centres, schools, hospitals and units. Along with having a reliable team of expert painters and the support of paint companies Australia-wide, Hunter Commercial Painters also offer rendering services by a reliable subcontractor.
Hunter Commercial Painters offer a professional painting service to body corporates. Whatever package you require, HCP can help you.
Attention to detail is a must when refurbishing and restoring any building, from your home to your office. By hiring Hunter Commercial Painters your refurbishment will be quick, hassle free and professional.
Hunter Commercial Painters have the highest quality tradesmen and premium products to achieve the look you desire for your home. We can cater for all your needs tailoring a package to achieve the look you desire for your home. No matter what the look – contemporary, classic, fresh or relaxed.